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Custom Embroidered Badge Patch Key Chain Holder

Custom Embroidered Badge Patch Key Chain Holder

Products Specifications:

1. Material: 100% polyester

2. Size: 1.8x5.12 inches

3. Thickness: 0.3 inch

4. 30cm big ring with eyelet

5. Embroidery logo on both sides

More Details

With well embroidered and sewn finish, the personalized patch fabric keychains are soft and the print will not be scratched. Really nifty colorful novelty marketing giveaways for your event promotion. 

Custom your inspirational messages and your logo on this woven embroidery keychain patch, spread your brand awareness to your valued clients.

People would love them and carry them everyday and everywhere as the patch key tag works perfectly to keep your house or car keys safe.

Production time: Usually within 7 days or even faster.