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PVC Keychain

custom rubber keychains

What is a pvc keychain?

Custom rubber keychains are very flexible and can be used for many years. Waterproof and flexible, this keychain style can be made into a double-sided design and any shape. The logo color can be easily matched, and any logo can be made into a 3D enhanced mold.

Advantages of rubber keychains

Although both metal and rubber keychains are durable, powerful, and an interesting promotional item, using PVC is softer and generally cheaper to manufacture. Metal keychains have a classic aesthetic and are very suitable for more professional designs, while PVC is more interesting and suitable for a wider market. They use your design concepts to create and leave the rest to us. The shape and size can be customized according to your two specifications. We can create double-sided designs, and we can also create connecting chains of any size. The price is based on the quantity ordered and the design size.

custom rubber keychains

Send us your ideas or sketches, and we will design color single-sided or double-sided images. The colors are separated by a small gap, and we can match any color. The custom soft rubber PVC keychain is a flexible rubber keychain that can be designed in any way you like. Your rubber PVC key chains will be kept by people to receive them-they are unique novelties.


We can make them in any size and any shape. We reject standard sizes and shapes. No more 2-inch circles or rectangles (unless you want them to be). Most of our soft rubber keychains come in custom shapes to outline your design.


Key chains typically range from 2 inches to 5 inches. Your tag, your size. Use a standard shape or adjust the patch to your design.


Soft PVC key chains are slightly thicker than patches or tags, usually between 3.5mm and 5.0mm. (4.0mm is standard)


2D layers are standard.

3D layers give your design a rounded, fluffy look

Soft rubber with silicone

Our standard rubber key tags are made from PVC, a material that combines a very nice look with durability.

We also offer silicone key tags, which are slightly more expensive, but offer the advantage of being safer for the environment.


Double-sided: same design on the back as on the front.

2-dimensional or 3-dimensional appearance: square or round elements.

Offset printing on the front and screen printing on the back.