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Custom Polyester Overlock Fabric Woven Keychain

Custom Polyester Overlock Fabric Woven Keychain

Products Specifications:

1. Material: 100% twill fabric

2. Size: 130x30mm

3. Thickness: 0.8cm

4. Attachment: 25mm keyring

5. Print: custom embroidery

More Details

Believe us that people bring this custom made embroidered patch keychain with their motorcycles or cars and meet others. They will ask where to get such a unique key chain.

With the interesting embroidered messages on the patch, it tied to the metal ring in perfect size. The letters are clearly to be seen as the patch is with the plenty big printing area.

Good for giveaways or souvenirs which can increase your brand recognition and more importantly, deliver your brand concepts.

Production time: Usually within 7 days or even faster.