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Customizable 3D PVC Rubber Keychain Keyrings Logo

Customizable 3D PVC Rubber Keychain Keyrings Logo

Products Specifications:

1. Material: Eco-friendly soft PVC

2. Custom size: 6cm x 4cm

3. 3D logo effect on 1 side

More Details

Enjoy the budget friendly yet effective promotional items to get your business promoted obviously. This custom rubber key chains are reinforced, soft and eye-catching.

Not only children, young teenagers, but adults love rubber key chains as a kind of trendy decoration which can be attached to the bags or simply used as key rings.

Flexible soft PVC is not break and get scratched easily. As it is lightweight, so the rubber key chains are handy and can be frequently showcased in public.

Production time: Usually within 10 days or even faster.