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Promotional Silicone Slap Wrisbtands with Custom Print

Promotional Silicone Slap Wrisbtands with Custom Print

Products Specifications:

1. Material: 100% silicone rubber

2. Size: 202*12*2mm


3. Custom design in full colors

4. Free artwork in 1 day

5. Minimum order quantity: 200pcs

More Details

Get tired of the silicone wristbands, check out these custom print rubber slap bracelets for your next marketing campaign or events. Made of non-toxic silicone, it is strong enough and you can straighten it out, slap it on your wrist. The custom made rubber slap wristbands will immediately curl around your wrist. With the push of a button, you can also illuminates with a bright attractive designs with multi colors on multi positions on the bands which is highly visible and eye-catching.

Production Time: Usually within 5 days or even faster.