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Custom Sqaure Silivone Rubber PVC Coasters

Custom Sqaure Silivone Rubber PVC Coasters

Products Specifications:

1. Material: 100% eco-friendly silicone rubber

2. Diameter: 10cm or custom dimension 

3. Print: 3D full color print

4. Minimum Order Quantity: 200 pieces

5. Custom Design: as per your artwork

More Details

Add a little hello to your coffee shop with custom sqaure soft pvc coasters. These are made from thick, strong and durable PVC that can withstand heavy foot traffic and almost any kind of abuse. The color is self-waterproofing, so you can use these to protect table tops from water rings caused by spilled coffee. These coasters also look great when displayed on a window sill or bar!

Customise your logo, brand name and slogan in our custom designed high quality rubber coasters. Upload your design from our online design editor. With modern graphic designs, these coasters are sure to impress!