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Customized Design Tyvek Paper Identification Bands

Customized Design Tyvek Paper Identification Bands

Products Specifications:

1. Material: Dupont tyvek paper

2. Numbering or QR code on the bands

3. Size: 250*25mm

4. Assorted neon pantone colors

5. Usage: one time use only

More Details

With extremely low minimum order quantity, the custom printed tyvek wristbands can be considered one of the most effective event item with budget friendly cost.

Including a barcode or QR code within your personalized designs, the tyvek paper bands will raise the awareness of the activities.

Furthermore, it calls on potential users to pay a attention to the events and even join it. It is not just a tyvek wristband, but more like a event wristband which gets brand remembered by more people.

Production time: Usually within 5 days or even faster.