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Custom Printed Round Shape Paper Coaster for Drinks

Custom Printed Round Shape Paper Coaster for Drinks

Products Specifications:

1. Material: 100% absorbent paper

2. Size: 90mm dia

3. Feature: waterproof

4. Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs

5. Shape: as per custom request

More Details

Our paper coasters are designed to use underneath coffee mugs, beer bottles or other drinking wares. These custom design paper coasters protect the tabletops from drips and unsightly water rings from the glass condensation. You can personalize the paper coasters with double side full color printing. And sizes can also be customized. Usually perfect sizes range from 9cm to 10cm. Keep your company's name and message or some inspirational slogans on the most centered position with some attractive patterns, your brand can get obviously noticed by your recipients.