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Coasters Are An Useful Marketing Tool For Your Business

Sep. 02, 2019

Coasters are no longer just practical protectors of table surface, they now have one more important role. Coasters can be used as advertising space! Just think about it, how many customers will see the logo or the message printed on the coaster? 

All of them will see it!     

Promotional Coaster with Custom Design, similar to tap handle, is both functional and advertising product and that makes it very convenient for your business.      

What are the advantages of promotional coasters? They are not expensive, they are easy to store and they are mobile. Could it get any better? Well, yes, because customers will actually come in contact with them. People tend to touch promotional coasters, play with them and some even take them home.      

Promotional coasters can be made in various shapes and sizes. The most popular are Promotional Custom Paper Coasters and Rubber Coasters.      

Custom Made Coasters

Custom Made Coasters

If you are looking for the cheapest option, opt for paper or cork coasters. If you want something durable and fancy, you can choose metal, ceramic or glass coasters. They are more expensive, but they are really stylish and effective!     

Whatever your business is, if you want to attract many potential customers, you should brand coasters with your logo. That way, everyone who visits the cafe or restaurant will see your message. It is guaranteed that they will remember you, at least on a subconscious level.     Coasters have an interesting history. 

The first coasters were designed a long time ago and they were actually used to protect the drink from bugs and dirt. In particular, in the 18th and 19th-century bug and flies were everywhere so it was common to have them fall into your glass.      

The first Promotional Coasters were created around 1880 in Germany. In fact, printing company called Friedrich Horn made the first cardboard beer mats. Shortly after, Robert Sputh patented wood pulp beer mats and that's how it all started.     

That was a small revolution in the marketing world! It didn't take long to other printers and companies to realize that was the best way to advertise! Brewery distilleries soon started ordering promotional coasters with a custom design. The rest is history.     

You can use promotional coasters to increase the sale of your product or to raise brand awareness. You want people to get to know your product and this is one of the most effective ways.     

People love coasters, especially if they are beautifully designed! Some people keep them as a souvenir or a memory on a particularly great night out with friends.      

Coasters are no longer intended for promoting food and drinks only. 

Promotional Coasters

Promotional Coasters

Now you can promote your social media with Custom Made Coasters! You have to be creative in order to stand out from the competition, and promotional coasters give you great opportunity to express yourself!     

You should think of a coaster as a small billboard! You can write all the information you want and print your logo, and that is one of the best ways to send a strong message to your prospective customers!