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5 Reasons Why A Customized Premium Corporate Gift Set Will Improve Your Sales!

Mar. 23, 2022

Offering a customized premium corporate gift set to your customers, employees, and business partners is among the most effective way to gain more visibility and improve relationships. Furthermore, it costs less than you would imagine, but the results are excellent.  Here at TopBestGifts, we help clients choose meaningful gifts for their brand promotional purposes, among many more uses. 

5 Reasons Why A Customized Premium Corporate Gift Set Will Improve Your Sales!

To help our esteemed customers in this endeavor, we have Corporate Gift Sets that would be perfect for boosting their brand image and strengthening their relationship with their customers, partners, employees, and others.  This article shall discuss the top 5 reasons you need to use corporate gift sets in your marketing campaigns. They include; 

Increases Brand Visibility

Giving corporate gift set with your logo or your company's name are more memorable. You can also use a corporate gift set to publicize a new product or service. By sending a corporate gift set to a new prospect or customer, you will often find they will be reminded of your company's existence and the reason for which they are doing business with you. Thus, a corporate gift set is an excellent tool for increasing brand visibility. 

Strengthen Relationships

When you customize a corporate gift set for your clients or customers, you are providing them with a meaningful gift and acknowledging they were important enough to deserve such recognition. If you sell via direct response advertising, this type of "humanization" of your sales pitch will go a long way towards making your sales message more believable. It has been proven that people are more responsive to personalized sales pitches than those who are not. So, the next time you are crafting a sales message for your client or customer, consider including a customized premium corporate gift set as part of your overall sales promotion. That alone can add significantly to your client's response rate.

Increases sales

Studies show that nearly 90% of all customers who receive a promotional gift as a gesture of appreciation for doing business with a particular company will be more likely to buy from that company again. It is also estimated that if you send a premium corporate gift set to each of your customers, approximately 40% to 60% (or more) of your repeat business comes from those customers who received the corporate gift set. Thus, by sending it to all of your customers, a corporate gift set improves both your existing customer base and gives you a chance to acquire new customers. 

Improves Image and Credibility

When properly designed and marketed, a corporate gift set can have a significant positive impact on a company's overall image and credibility.

Corporate gift sets economical

If your company is known for low prices, it will hurt rather than help your image if you start sending expensive corporate gifts to your customers. So, what we suggest is that you create a corporate gift set that includes a high-priced item such as a premium book, a premium pen, a flask pen, or perhaps a high-end electronic calculator or computer accessories such as USB. That will humanize your message and help your customer visualize your product or service as higher quality.


Corporate gift sets are not just for executives and big companies. You can also use this tool to improve the image and response of mid-sized or even small businesses. Do not forget to include a premium corporate gift set with every direct mail package you send out. The increased perceived value of your mailing package will more than offset the added cost of the corporate gift set. In summary, a corporate gift set is an excellent way to publicize your company, build your brand, strengthen your relationships with your clients, and improve the image and credibility of your company.