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Why Custom Promotional Coasters Works for Marketing?

Aug. 26, 2019

When it comes to your trade shows, promotional giveaways and marketing and branding strategies printed materials like custom coaster play an important role.   

We specialize in manufacturing Custom Promotional Drink Coasters for Beer

Custom Promotional Drink Coasters for Beer

Custom Promotional Drink Coasters for Beer

These beer coasters are commonly used in breweries, brewpubs, clubs, bars, and restaurants. But it is not the last limit as they are used for limitless options. 

Our beer coasters will perfectly match with your future marketing campaigns because they are made from high-quality pulpboard with good absorbing capability. If you are searching to find two types of promotional coasters then you need not worry as our coasters are very adaptable. They can be used in many ways as direct mailers, in combination with product launches, coupons, business cards, and special events.   

In this way, many big brands are using Custom Design Promotional Coasters since long to save lots of money from their advertising campaign.  

Who recognizes the importance of printing messages on coasters?  Some of the industries that know the importance of coasters for imprinting their promotional messages may include entertainment industry with all its types including movies, radio, theatre and professional sports, etc., 

Beverage and food industry, Information technology industry, consumer products industry, real estate industry, electronics and software industry, government agencies and insurance industry. Recreation, vacation and tourism sector, healthcare sector, financial services, and industry related to industrial goods and services also value printing of messages on coasters.  

Such promotion options will also work for you if they worked for others.   Beverage coasters of the highest quality are manufactured by Coaster Factory. The shape and size of these coasters can be modified to be suitable specifically for your marketing campaign and brand. 

These Custom Made Rubber Coasters can provide the best and the cheapest printed advertisement of the products by printing their graphics, personalized messages and logos on them. So, for the best promotional program of your company these coasters can be considered as the most practical advertising assistant.   

Custom Design Promotional Coasters

Custom Design Promotional Coasters

The lasting effect at a small price  The per-impression cost of imprinted advertising through drink coasters can be the lowest than other options.   

Researches have shown that the money saved from advertising through coasters in comparison with other options can be used in future promotional campaigns. 

Studies show that an advertiser gets more favorable opinions after offering promotional products as freebies are liked by everyone.  

Promotional products are owned by 90% of people

The advertiser that gave promotional products during the last 2 years is remembered by 85% of consumers

Recipients of promotional product converted into real customers 52%

Weekly promote products are used by 54% of people

Promotional products retained for one year by 47% of people

Promotional product carried to their workplace by 74% of people

A Promotional Coaster with Your Custom Design can be used for establishing lasting relationships and connection with the customers in a very effective and easier way.  These coasters are not made only for top organizations and brands but also for casinos, hotels, clubs, restaurants, beverage producers and distilleries, etc.   

Effectiveness of Promotional Coasters 

In comparison to any other marketing option, promotional products can provide a better return on investment. The cost of each impression can be less than magazines, TV, billboards, and newspapers.