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How Promotional Coasters Can Benefit Your Business?

Sep. 16, 2019

Custom drink coasters have been used for a very long time; in fact, they are as old as advertising itself. As a tried and tested form of marketing it's no wonder why the method is still widely used today. If you believe using Custom Design Coasters could benefit your business or any other venture or event, here are four fantastic uses of custom coasters to help you get started:  


Custom Promotional Coasters

Custom Promotional Coasters

1.Wedding Mementos 

Weddings are the sort of occasion where nearly anything in a room can be decorative. One trend beginning to catch on at weddings is pictures of the happy couple on various coasters dotted around the venue and tables. 

Or the coasters could contain the name or a picture of the guest to help them identify their place at the wedding breakfast. It could be just a simple thank you message, or the couple's favorite poem featuring the date of the event. These coasters make ideal mementos for such a happy occasion. Bringing them home afterward will always serve as a reminder of a lovely day.      

2.  Network/Wifi 

Login Prompts - When visiting friends and family in this day and age, a common question is often, What's your wifi password? 

Most people are happy to tell you, but if they don't know then there's an awkward fumble around the router to find out yourself. 

Having this information on a Custom Made Coffee Table Coaster creates a stress-free and simple way to find this out without needing to ask. If you're sick of the same people asking for your network log ins again and again then this eliminates that concern forever.     

3.General Advertising 

 This is by far the most popular reason for creating custom coasters. Displaying your company colors or something else that makes your business unique is an effective way to stand out from the crowd.

 In your own office, it looks professional, showing your attention to detail, but the best way to use custom coasters to advertise your business is to use them outside of it. This plants a seed in potential customers minds each time they notice your coaster. 

Consider approaching local bars and restaurants and request if you can distribute your coasters here, many will be happy to set up cross-promotional arrangements.      

4.Promotional Events 

This is a powerful way to use customer coasters to market you're an organization. By displaying your company logo, USP and contact information (or a combination of the three), this could greatly help when networking. 

People who are reaching for their drinks will notice the coasters and in time this could pay off immensely. Another strategy is to include some of the Custom Promotional Coasters in gift bags. You can also ask the event organizer if they could be sprinkled around on various tables.