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Why Silicone Wristbands Are Good For Promotional Giveaways?

Sep. 09, 2019

Promotional Silicone Wristbands are Rubber Bracelets which are made from the eco-friendly qualitative silicone rubber and produce on the special hydraulic press machines. The wristband has high elastic characteristics, if you will stretch it, it will restore its initial shape right at the moment. 

The wristbands are very funny jewelry which will serve you for a long time because of their wear-resistance, temperature resistance, absence of deformation, absence of impact on the body.  

Custom design silicone wristbands have some care functions like beneficial functional materials. These are the negative ions which were added into the compound of the wristbands.  

A Promotional Printed Glow in Dark Silicone Wristband is possible because of almost the same technology as in usual rubber wristbands. The only difference is in adding the special glow powder. The powder can be present in the wristband body of in the ink. This gives printed color filled style for your wristband. The powder is eco and has no negative impact on your body as well as the main silicone material. It works as following. 

A Promotional Printed Glow in Dark Silicone Wristband

A Promotional Printed Glow in Dark Silicone Wristband

Firstly, it should absorb enough bright light, you should spend enough time on the street on daylight or another light place. Then, when you come into the dark place it glows green, blue, or any other color depending on the model of a silicone wristband. It can continue up to several hours and then gradually weaken. 

When you will make it re-absorb the light it will glow again. Cannot imagine the most favorable jewelry for any night event. When Custom Made Silicone Rubber Wristbands reflect the logo in the dark it looks fantastic. 

Hope these wristbands will help to be the brightest person at the party.  An ultraviolet silicon wristband is able to transfer the color darker under sunshine because of absorbing the ultraviolet light. 

This is not only a good looking view but also it shows the strength of the ultraviolet.  So, there are ultraviolet silicone wristbands that can be used as an indication of the ultraviolet level. Wear these wristbands to avoid a long time impact of the strong ultraviolet.  How it possible that these wristbands have a violet transfer? 

The answer is simple: ultraviolet phosphor which use ultraviolet energy to open the molecular bond, make it move fast from the low energy to high-level energy. As a result, the color will be changed from light color to dark.  These Promotional Customized Silicone Wristbands become ultraviolet wristbands after putting the ultraviolet phosphor into the rubber mass.